World’s Fastest Paper Generator App

Instead of Spending an hours, now anyone can create Exam Papers in just 2 Minutes. As it is so easy to create exam paper, many teachers have started creating different Papers for different level of students in the same class.

HD Quality Paper

Quality of the Exam Paper so Amazing. Text, Equations, Images, Tables, everything is aligned so well to have maximum Questions on one page for paper saving and also to have attractive paper quality.

4 Different Paper Set

To stop Students copying from each other Specially in MCQ exam Paper, we provide special Feature. In just fraction of second, Teachers can create One Regular & 4 Shuffled Question Papers (Total 5).

OMR Sheet

For MCQ Papers, we provide OMR Sheets along with Answer keys. Teachers don’t need to make their custom OMR Sheet. Besides, checking exam paper is so easy now for Assistant teacher due to Answer OMR Sheet.

Answer Key & Solution

We provide special “Quick Answer Key” to map the questions from the book and the complete detailed Solution is also provided for easy verifications.