You can login to any Quantum Paper App by using your Register mobile number and password. If you forget your password then You can easily reset it.

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Registration is required first while using the application. You can register by entering your details like Mobile No, your name, name of school or institute and pincode number according to your area.

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Registration is required to access advance feature such as generate Paper and Video given in the application. Where you can use guest account for digital learning and teaching.

To Reset a app password,

(1) click on 'Reset password' button while login.

(2) Enter your register number and click on 'Get OTP' button.

(3) Enter OTP and set new Password and Login again with new password.

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Yes, PDF file of paper can be shared directly to others.

The video will be saved directly in the gallery, so you can easily share the video with others from there.

You can create unlimited Question Papers through this Application.

Our application is completely Offline. Anyone can use it from anywhere without any internet conection.

The validity of the application will be during the academic year.

You can select a maximum 100 questions in a question paper.

Yes , you can upload Videos on Youtube and also share with others.

You can login to Samsung Store from Samsung Code and Registered Mobile number given in the application where you can buy any device at Cheapest Price.

Quantum Paper App open fÞko ƒkË Menu option {kt sE yk…™k register Mobile number ŒÚkk set fhu÷k Password Úke Login fhe þfku Aku.

òu Œ{u password ¼q÷e „Þk nkuÞ Œku Œ{u easily reset …ý fhe þfku Aku

Quantum Paper App ŒÚkk Register fhðk {kxu Register Option {kt sE Œ{kÁt ™k{, Mobile Number, School fu Institute ™wt ™k{ ŒÚkk Œ{khk area «{kýu Pincode ™k¾ðk™ku hnuþu.

Quantum Paper App ™k advance features su{ fu Question Paper and Video create fhðk {kxu Registration sYhe Au. Registration ð„h Œ{u Digital Learning ŒÚkk Teaching fhe þfþku.

Password reset fhðk {kxu,

(1) ‚ki «Úk{ 'Reset Password' ƒx™ …h Âõ÷f fhðwt.

(2) Register Mobile number ÷¾e 'Get OTP' ƒx™ …h Âõ÷f fhðwt.

(3) OTP ÷¾e ™ðku password set fhðku ŒÚkk ™ðk password Úke Login fhðwt.

Pen Tools ™e {ËËÚke Œ{u Extra Content Add fu Diagram draw fhe þfku Aku.

yk…u÷ Content ™u Two finger ðzu Pinch fhe™u Zoom In fu Zoom Out fhe þfkÞ Au.

nk , yk…u÷ Camera movable nkuðkÚke Screen …h Œ{khe heŒu Move fhe þfku Aku.

Quantum Paper App™u Œ{khk {kuƒkR÷ Vku™{kt yku…™ fhe yku™÷kE™ Ã÷uxVku{o suðk fu Zoom, Google Meet y™u Jio Meet ™e {ËËÚke M¢e™ Share fhe™u Live teaching fhe þfkÞ Au.

nk , yk…™k ƒ™kðu÷ paper™e PDF File ™u directly share fhe þfkÞ Au.

yk…u ƒ™kðu÷ Video Gallery {kt Direct Save Úkþu. Œ{u íÞktÚke Video ™u fkuE…ý ‚kÚku ‚h¤ŒkÚke Share fhe þfku Aku.

Application {ktÚke Œ{u Unlimited Question Papers ƒ™kðe þfku Aku.

y{khe Application completely offline Au Œku app use fhðkt {kxu Internet ™e fkuE s sYh ™Úke. Œ{u fkuE …ý MÚk¤uÚke fkuE …ý ‚{Þu ELxh™ux ð„h Unlimited Question Papers ƒ™kðe þfku Aku.

Application ™e validity þiûkrýf ð»ko Ëhr{Þk™™e hnuþu.

Question Paper {kt ðÄkhu {kt ðÄkhu 100 Questions Select fhe þfku Aku.

nk, yk…™k ƒ™kðu÷ Video Youtube …h {qfe þfku Aku ŒÚkk Share …ý fhe þfku Aku.